The Daily Drop Podcast

Mistakes We’ve Made Along The Way

March 27, 2024 Daily Drop Season 1 Episode 28
The Daily Drop Podcast
Mistakes We’ve Made Along The Way
Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Megan are joined by Brendan from the Daily Drop Youtube channel to talk all about their mistakes. They cover topics such as booking upgraded hotel rooms with points, accidentally using the wrong free night award, using points for poor value, analysis paralysis in redemption, forgetting visa requirements, and passport expiration drama. Plus everyone learns a new hack that ends up saving Brendan thousands of miles on an upcoming trip! 


Virgin Companion Pass (Note all pricing is in RT but you can book One way too, just cut in half): 

Hang out on YouTube with Brendan:

Episode Time Stamps:

1:45 - Booking Upgraded Hotel Rooms with Points
4:23 - Accidentally Using the Wrong Free Night Award
8:15 - Using Points for Poor Value in a Portal
11:31 - …and then again
14:40 - Forgetting Visa Requirements
19:20 - Passport Expiration Drama
25:01 - Being a Miles and Points Cheapskate
30:30 - Waiting Too Long to Book Awards
35:35 - Virgin Atlantic Companion Award Seats

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