The Daily Drop Podcast

All about credit scores

January 24, 2024 Daily Drop Season 1 Episode 20
The Daily Drop Podcast
All about credit scores
Show Notes

In this episode, Mike discusses credit scores and credit card statements. He explains the components of a credit score, including payment history, utilization, average credit length, new credit, and credit mix.

Episode Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro and the basics

00:57 Components of a Credit Score

02:21 Payment History and Utilization

02:49 Average Credit Length and New Credit

04:17 Credit Mix

04:46 Understanding Credit Card Statements

06:38 Payment Due Date and Interest

07:34 Importance of Making Payments on Time

08:33 Managing Credit Utilization

09:28 Strategies for Low Credit Utilization

12:22 Strategies for Average Credit Length

13:44 Keeping Oldest Credit Card Open

16:36 Improving Bad Credit

20:28 Increasing and Decreasing Credit Limits

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