The Daily Drop Podcast

Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel?

December 14, 2023 Daily Drop Season 1 Episode 15
The Daily Drop Podcast
Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel?
Show Notes

Join Mike and Megan as we dive in head first to the best travel hacking content. In this episode, we answer a listener's question about canceling or upgrading a card. We chat through the strategy of keep, upgrade, downgrade, cancel and when you should consider these options.

Episode Time Stamps:

0:21 - Listener question
1:02 - Mike’s answer to the question
1:54 - Why even consider doing a product change
2:39 - When to keep a card
4:30 - When to upgrade a card 
8:17 - When to downgrade a card 
9:16 - What to keep in mind for upgrade or downgrade 
11:03 - When to cancel a card
12:30 - Retention offers
14:14 - Should I NEVER cancel a card?
16:53 - Do we have any cards we’re thinking of upgrading, downgrading or canceling? 
17:28 - Surprising thoughts on the Amex Platinum
20:12 - What if I’m uncertain on what direction to go in?

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