The Daily Drop Podcast

Portals Part 3: Airline Edition

November 29, 2023 Daily Drop Season 1 Episode 13
The Daily Drop Podcast
Portals Part 3: Airline Edition
Show Notes

Join Mike and Megan as we dive in head first to the best travel hacking content. In this episode we breakdown all things airline portals. Including what they are, how to use them, the best one out there, and if you even should be using one of these… 

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Episode Time Stamps:

0:35 - What are airline portals?
1:35 - How does it work?
2:36 - Why use airline portals?
4:55 - Earn towards Elite Status
5:22 - American Airlines Portal and why you should care about it
7:15 - An example of the portal in action
8:19 - American Airlines portal, even if you don’t live in the US
11:18 - What if I’m not loyal to AA or live near an AA hub? 
13:20 - Mike’s favorite airline portal
15:37 - Why Megan’s favorite airline portal is no airline portal
17:11 - Bank points vs. airline miles
19:32 - Cash vs. miles
20:01 - The most important part