The Daily Drop Podcast

Trip Report: Around The World Trip | Bonus Ep

October 20, 2023 Daily Drop Season 1 Episode 6
The Daily Drop Podcast
Trip Report: Around The World Trip | Bonus Ep
Show Notes

Join Mike for this trip report, bonus episode! He breaks down all of the money saving hacks along the way. You'll hear:

  • A full breakdown of how Mike booked a 49 day around the world trip
  • Flying Blue miles to maximize on Asian & African airlines
  • Saving your money or your miles on economy seats and how to decide when to do this
  • Best hotels along the way (points and cash)
  • And more… 

Episode Timestamps:

1:29 - First leg to Tokyo + getting a surprise business class upgrade

4:35 - Flying to China with Flying Blue Miles and visa free transit in China

9:47 - To Taiwan (Flying Blue Miles again!) in business class

14:29 - Cambodia Hyatt hotels

20:18 - Kuala Lumpur with a cheap flight + a cheap Marriott

24:10 - Flying to Madagascar with Aeroplan miles

25:21 - How to decide to use points for business class or just fly economy 

32:13 - Flying to Kenya with Flying Blue miles

36:56 - Meeting a Daily Drop fan from Uganda

37:47 - Flying to Cape Town and discovering the Ethiopian Airlines overnight hack

39:30 - Cape Town experience + a Hyatt you might want to pass on

42:08 - Flying to Zimbabwe with Air Link

43:52 - An border crossing that got Mike stuck in Zambia 

48:43 - Flying to Botswana 

50:40 - Continuing the journey back home to Toronto 

53:54 - Wrapping it up

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